Cluck and Tadwell discuss tubing

William Cluck, once honored as the most successful Encyclopedia Britannica salesman in the Northwest Region of the U.S. from 1976-83, spoke bluntly to Professor Tadwell:

“Look, Tad, the written word is dead. It’s time you get out of that old academia head crap and into what’s new. Echoes are the next big thing. Echoes. I have obtained 1,300 miles of corrugated tubing from a secret source and, with your support, will bury these tubes 300 feet beneath the dusty sod of southern Wyoming. The people, Tad, they’ll come and shout into these Echo Tubes. In this digital age of disconnection, the sound of voice is quick to become extinct. We will let people experience the voice once again. You bitch and say, No one listens to me! But now someone will, Tad. You’ll listen to yourself.”

Professor Tadwell was sold. He loved tubing.